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Mental Game Plan and Validation - involves reports generated from the Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Profile (AMAP). Clients identify mental game challenges/strengths and formulate a plan for success. Also, clients are provided support through training sessions and follow-up discussions.

Self-Confidence - involves strengthening one’s belief in the ability to execute a physical skill

or perform a task; identifying the sources of self-confidence, and having “competitive self-confidence.

Concentration and Focus - involves learning about concentration styles, an athlete’s concentration strength and weaknesses, and ways to shift one’s concentration in response to performance demands. Additionally, athletes identify task-relevant cues and teach them to refocus when distracted.

Relaxation, Stress Management, and Emotional Control - involves applying techniques to relax muscle tension, control mental distractions, achieve optimum arousal levels, handle anxiety, address sleep disruption, manage frustrations, regain positive emotions, and cope with mistakes.

Positive Thinking and Self-Talk - involves creating positive attitudes, altering thoughts, immersing in positive imagery, using affirmations, employing self-talk instructions, and identifying beliefs and expectations that limit performance.

Mental Rehearsal - involves using mental imagery techniques to enhance physical skills, handle distractions, control emotions, elevate performance, assist in injury rehabilitation, anticipate and cope with challenges.

Sports Performance Hypnosis - involves a process that influences the subconscious mind in order to develop correct techniques, build concentration, increase confidence, and access personal resources for maximum performance.

Mental Strategies - involves using mental game approaches regarding overcoming the need for approval, seeking self-acceptance, performing beyond comfort zones, setting smart goals, and coping with perfectionism.

Team Building - involves enhancing team cohesion, improving communication, understanding roles, and applying a model for conflict resolution.

Mental Preparation - involves helping athletes to mentally prepare for competition with the

use of pre-performance routines and pre-play/shot routines.

“On Call” access for consulting - involves phone calls, in between training sessions, to

clarify specific training tasks, talk through personal challenges, receive positive feedback, and evaluate post competition performances.

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