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"I started the Winning Actions Program with Coach Melito after I had been Power Lifting for 4 years.  I knew that most sports and activities are a largely mental, but I did not know the full extent to how powerful the mind can become if it is properly trained. Coach Melito really taught me how to focus, get into the zone and achieve full and complete concentration with each set during my workouts.  The difference in my lifts after I trained with Coach Melito is astonishing.  I had no idea that this program would affect my life so greatly in so many different ways."


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      Winning Life
"This past summer I took Dr. Melito's Winning Actions Program. Although I do not play a sport, I am huge on exercisng and staying in shape. I was beginning to lose motivation to keep running and weight lifting, so I thought such a program would be perfect to help me get back in the swing of things. This program truly gave me the motivation not only to get back to where I previously been, but also help me gain greater stamina than ever before. The techniques I learned throughout the program have helped me get into and ideal mental state whenever needed, which is a trait I previously had not experienced. I would highly suggest anyone who wants to get ahead of the competition or wants a mental edge to try Winning Actions. You won't be sorry."
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