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WINNING ACTIONS is a mental training system that applies sports psychology and sports hypnosis to help athletes perform at their best. Sports Psychology addresses the mental and emotional factors that influence performance in sports, exercise, and physical activity. Sports hypnosis is a process that influences the subconscious mind in order to accelerate mental and physical training, promote change, and confront specific problems.

Integrating Mind and Body
Controlling Arousal in Performance
Engaging in Neutral Thinking
Regulating Emotions to Maintain Composure
Learning Mental Rehearsal Procedures
Creating a Vision for Yourself
Maximizing Your Contribution to a Team
Dr. Tony Melito
Founder of Winning Actions

WINNING ACTIONS offers a set of skills and attitudes so that athletes can develop mental toughness, learn various mental skills that can be brought to bear in any performance situation, and apply imagery or self-hypnosis to enhance performance.

HOME     //     THE SYSTEM     //     ASSESSMENTS     //     THE COACH     //     TESTIMONIALS     //     PRESS     //     CONTACT
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