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The Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Profile (A.M.A.P.) was developed by Dr. Patrick Cohn, founder of Peak Performance Sports in Orlando, Florida. This mental game assessment is used in the early phase of coaching to evaluate an athlete’s mental approach to sports. Part I of the profile contains 21 questions addressing the mental game challenges of an athlete. Part II relies on a Likert scale identifying 10 categories relevant for peak performance.

In addition to his work with athletes, Dr. Cohn has also worked with corporations such as IBM, Canada and USA Today. He has been a sports commentator on the Golf Channel and has been featured in trade publications such as Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. Dr. Cohn has consulted with high profile teams, such as the Miami Dolphins, NASCAR winners, NHL Players, National Motocross Champions, as well as PGA professional golfers.

The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory was developed by Dr. Robert M. Nideffer, founder of Enhanced Performance Systems Inc. The inventory consists of a 144 items, which measures concentration and interpersonal skills necessary for optimal performance. These characteristics become the building blocks of athletic performance. Client’s scores are compared with others who are amateur, professional, or world class athletes.

Enhanced Performance Systems has been a resource for organizations involved in sport, business, and military. The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory is used by organizations like Citibank, General Motors, Harley Davidson, the Navy Seals, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, the Boston Celtics, and U.S., Canadian, and Australian Olympic teams to select-train-mentor their personnel.

The Athlete’s Mental Edge (AME) is another inventory developed by Dr. Robert M. Nideffer. The inventory consists of 4 components identifying 23 performance areas and is followed by an Error Analysis system. Clients receive specific information on enhancing athletic performance and team building.

Olympic and world class athletes have used the Athlete’s Mental Edge (AME), as a result of Dr. Robert M. Nideffer’s involvement in the USOC Elite Athlete Development Project, in Olympic training centers around the world, and in consulting with coaches associations. The Athlete’s Mental Edge (AME) is an effective tool in a mental training system.

TAIS and AME inventories are normed for ages 14 and older.

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