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WINNING ACTIONS is a mental training system, which means there are numerous factors impacting a person’s performance at the same time. There is a pattern of relationships, both internal and external, that shape an athlete’s development. For example, we know that words trigger pictures, which impact emotions and lead to performance. By going right to a picture, emotion, memory, or behavior, you can connect it to an upcoming performance. 


In systems theory, the total is bigger than the sum of its parts. That means when we do our best and a team does its best, that leads to greater achievement than we can imagine. 


Athletic training must emphasize both mental and physical development. 

The development of mental skills must occur within actual training and competitive settings. Some of these skills include concentration, controlling levels of muscle tension, and thinking neutrally under stressful competitive conditions.

In various studies, tennis players have improved on their first

serves, basketball players have increased their free-throw

accuracy, golfers have corrected their putting, and karate

students have strengthened their sparring. These studies reveal

how the mind-body connection does enhance performance.

Your thoughts do affect your emotions and your emotions affect

the distribution of body weight around your center of gravity. If

your emotions are not controlled, then your perceptions become

distorted. Consequently, the changes that occur as a result of

your thoughts can interfere with timing and coordination,

reducing your level of performance.

WINNING ACTIONS can improve the quality of your performance at practice and when it counts. You are encouraged to bring both your mind and body to competitive situations. This mental training system teaches you how to create a growth mindset. 

HOME     //     THE SYSTEM     //     ASSESSMENTS     //     THE COACH     //     TESTIMONIALS     //     PRESS     //     CONTACT
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