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WINNING ACTIONS provides athletes with the opportunity to benefit both in their sport and

in life. There are parallels between athletics and personal growth and development. The lessons learned through sports can apply to education, work, relationships, and life challenges. Athletes can attain life long skills that are transferable into others areas of life. 


The following areas illustrate a range of lessons that can be learned by participating in this system:       

  • Understanding how to perform under pressure

  • Enhancing the ability to concentrate and focus

  • Comprehending how mind and body work together

  • Controlling distractions and negative thinking

  • Refining technical and mental skills

  • Boosting self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Gaining insights on how to be a team player

  • Developing positive thinking

  • Defining concentration errors

  • Grasping how personality affects performance

  • Improving on expressing thoughts

  • Knowing how to handle anxiety and frustrations

  • Having thse knowledge to confront issues

  • Appreciate the values of giving and receiving support

HOME     //     THE SYSTEM     //     ASSESSMENTS     //     THE COACH     //     TESTIMONIALS     //     PRESS     //     CONTACT
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