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      Winning Life
"Throughout my final year of playing baseball for LSU, I met repetitively with Coach Tony Melito to work on my mental skills.  He coached me through various mental exercises which better allowed me to play in the 'zone.'  The 'zone' is a mental skill which enables an athlete to play at his highest potential.  Without Coach Melito's mental guidance and expertise on the mental subject matter, I could not have reached my full potential.  I would recommend Coach Melito and his program to any already successful athlete or businessperson because ultimate success comes through training of the mind."

<< Nick Pontiff and teammates celebrate a victory!

<< Nick Pontiff hitting a home run during the 2009 season when the Tigers won
the National Championship. 
"The Winning Actions Program has truly been a blessing in my life. For Coach Tony Melito to help me find my faults and be able to figure out how to overcome my obstacles has been a tremendous help, as far as
helping me in the sports aspect of my life as well as the social part. I've gained a lot of self-confidence with the help of this program and I now know what I am capable of doing. I've learned visualization and breathing techniques to center my mind and stay focused on my current goal at hand. I have to say I never would have thought that these techniques would be able to help as much as they already have in life. I currently have gotten a scholarship for baseball to the University of New Orleans, and I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Coach Melito!"
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