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      Winning Life
"At the beginning of my junior year I had a big problem with my confidence in performing in the big match. Losing to the defending state champ in the last three seconds, Coach Melito recommended I should come see him. I was dominating everyone in the state besides the top two guys because of their titles and names. Before I went to winning actions I never knew how key the mental game really was in being an athlete. Winning Actions taught me to believe in myself and let my instincts takeover. The technique coach Meltio showed made me more calm and not overly nervous. We perfected the confidence issue by the end of my senior year. I would highly recommend Winning Actions for all athletes willing to strengthen their mental game to perform to the best of their abilities."
"When my parents recommended that I begin the Winning Actions program with Coach Melito during my junior year, I was initially skeptical. I felt that I had the physical skills- the tangibles- strength, agility, endurance that a good wrestler needed. What more was necessary? However, that mentality was soon dismissed when I began the program and realized the potential benefits on and off the mat. During my two years of mental training with Coach Melito, I learned to center my focus before every match, remain confident and relax during the match, and stay positive for the next match. Without the Winning Actions program, I know my wrestling career would not have had the satisfying and successful ending that it did. I would recommend Coach Melito to anyone in any sport, at any level, who is looking for an edge over their competitors."
"I had a lot on my mind going into my first season as a starter. I was having issues with my confidence considering I lost my first match of the season and didn't even place at my first tournament. I didn't want to let my team down so I knew I had to do something. My parents suggested that I see Dr. Melito to get over my mental block. The change in my performance was extremely noticeable. With Dr. Melito's help my performance continued to get better and better. The mental training I received made me go from being ranked 7th in the state to number one in the state. Without this I would have never been able to wrestle to the best of my ability and I wouldn't be part of a record breaking state champion team. I have no doubt in my mind that the mental exercises I learned contributed to my success in wrestling and I will continue practicing them with my sport because it will always work."
"I knew that this year was a crucial year for me being my last year wrestling. So my coach thought the Winning Actions program would help give me the extra confidence I needed to be a successful wrestler. Dr. Melito has showed me the importance of mental training and how it can greatly affect my performance on the mat. This program helped me a lot this season with overcoming habits that I couldn’t break without Dr. Melito’s help. Without this program I would have never been able to increase my confidence level and perform to the best of my abilities. I’m very grateful that I went through this program and it definitely paid off. Thanks to this program I’m part of a state championship team.! I can say I had one of my best seasons ever and I contribute much of my success to the Winning Actions program and Dr. Melito."
"When my coach first suggested the Winning Actions program, I was skeptical as to whether or not I truly needed mental training. After attending the first few sessions and getting a grasp on what the program was about, I realized just how beneficial this would be to succeed in wrestling. Coach Melito was able to explain and help me overcome many adversities that were holding my performance back such as the crowd, the referees, and the overall intensity with which I trained. His main focus during our sessions was the key of visualizing myself in the process of wrestling. Without the guidance I received from Dr. Melito, I know my wrestling career would not have had the same gratifying outcome that it did. The skills I have acquired through the Winning Actions program were not only keys to my success in wrestling, but also in my life as well. I recommend Dr. Melito to anyone in any sport, at any level, who is looking for a dominant advantage over their competition."
"I have wrestled for the past four years, and during that time I have been completely devoted to the sport. Going into my senior year I knew that my role on the team was important, and I needed something to help me compete to the best of my abilities. Winning Actions helped me do just that, as it helped me to use my pre-match nerves to my advantage. With Winning Actions, I felt confident every time before I would step on the mat. Winning Actions helped me to be the best wrestler I could be, and I am now a member of a state championship team!"
"I spent 5 years conditioning and training, long hours, 7 days a week, almost year round. Wrestling always came first! The competition was always tough, but I trained hard and practiced technique. Somehow I still wasn't satisfied with my performance on the mat.  But my time spent with Winning Actions helped me to center my mind and focus on the match ahead of me. Before Winning Actions I "over thought" the situation – each match. But with these new tools, I was able to relax and just wrestle!"
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