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      Winning Life
"Throughout my junior and senior year of high school golf, Dr. Melito has been not only my mentor for golf but my mentor for everything in my life. I worked hard with Dr. Melito and he pushed me mentally. Which in return, made my golf game improve dramatically. There have been many types of shots in golf that I was scared to hit, but with hypnosis from Dr. Melito, gave me the confidence to be able to hit those certain shots. Working with Dr. Melito built up my personal and athletic confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Melito’s Winning Actions program to any athlete that is willing to challenge their mind set and bring their game to the next level."
"I believed my whole life that physical and technical perfection was the key to shooting lower scores. But in fact, the key was the polar opposite. The correlation between mind and body was crucial to performing at your highest potential. Winning Actions included visualization and breathing techniques to center the mind, which in turns controls the physical body. While working with Coach Melito, I saw instant feedback with the emotional aspect of Golf. I felt in touch with myself and a calming peace when under pressure. These feelings helped capture wins and progressed me as a person. I believe in Coach Melito's methods not only because of the success, but also he became a good friend."
"As a golf coach, I know that one of the most important factors in determining a player’s success involves the mental component of the game. Golfers, as well as various other athletes, are increasingly turning to mental training in order to develop increased levels of focus and concentration that are so instrumental in becoming a champion. The Winning Actions program provides that opportunity.”
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