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Thank you card from Country Day Basketball Team - 2019 Division III State Champions! 

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"Freshman year, my basketball training had focused only on the physical aspect of the game and not the mental component. I thought that I could have succeeded by working on my fundamentals as well as my strength and conditioning. However, I was wrong. Dr. Melito helped me realize that the game isn't all physical. Mental preparedness is a necessity in the game of basketball. After winning two state championships and numerous individual awards, the results of Dr. Melito’s training is evident. My focus during high pressure situations, such as free throws and tight scoring games, improved immensely. Also, I have refined my on court conduct and reaction to questionable calls due to mental training. Dr. Melito taught us to visualize key game situations ahead of time. For instance, I have stepped up to the free throw line having previously envisioned making the shot. The pressure associated with the moment was minuscule because I already went over the moment in our head. I want to give Dr. Melito a special thank you for his service to the Metairie Park Country Day Men’s Basketball and Me."
"As a senior I have had the great fortune of working with Dr. Melito for three seasons. In those three seasons we were able to pull away in numerous close games because we were mentally stronger than our opponent. The biggest games were this past season in the playoffs where we won three consecutive games, including the State Championship, in overtime. The breathing and visualization exercises that Dr. Melito taught us kept the players calm and sharp during the game. Before a big game I was able to calm myself and mentally prepare for what I had to do because of what I had learned from Dr. Melito. I learned how to visualize the plays we run, and visualize what my job was as well. Dr. Melito helped us figure out how each player contributed to the team. This helped us grow as a team, and played a key role in our State Championship season. I am so grateful for what Dr. Melito did for me personally, and the team. There is no doubt that Dr. Melito and the exercises he taught us contributed an immeasurable amount to our success."
"After working with Dr. Melito the last three years, I can honestly say that our basketball players and coaches at Country Day have developed the Mental Edge in terms of pre-game preparation and in-game mental strategies to remain focused for longer stretches during the game." These mental training techniques have helped our basketball team reach our goal of winning the Class 1A State Championship in 2013 in a very extraordinary way. The Cajuns were able to win the last three playoff games in overtime. 

Our players and coaches had mentally rehearsed all of our out of bounds plays and when the seldom used out of bounds play was called, our players executed it to perfection with 8 seconds to play in regulation to send the Championship game into overtime. Sometimes the difference between being a champion or a runner-up is being mentally prepared to execute in a pressure situation.

Our coaches and players look forward to working with Dr. Melito next year as we prepare to set goals and use more Winning Action techniques to give our team the Mental Edge for another successful season.

Thanks to Dr. Melito for being there for my coaches and players for the last three years during good times and during the tough times with mental training ideas and techniques to help us get through the season."

"My son had a history of self doubt and anxiety when it came to playing his sport. Dr. Melito helped him to relax and have confidence in his ability. His winning actions program has made a world of difference in his life, as well as in his game! The things Dr. Melito teaches will help individuals in any area they are struggling with! Thanks Dr. Melito, you are a life changer!"

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