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     Cross Country & Track

W. Mitchell Melito /  Medical Student
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"The mental training that I acquired at WINNING ACTIONS continues to benefit me in my everyday life,
especially in my career in medicine. I am currently a 3rd year medical student at LSU New Orleans, and I
can tell you I wouldn’t be where I am without my training in WINNING ACTIONS. In medicine, we take very
high-stake examinations and are under a great deal of pressure to perform whether in the clinic, classroom, or operating room. The techniques I learned in winning actions including centering and visual reps have been vital in keeping me in the present and performing for patients. Dr. Melito has created an incredible program to help athletes not only win of the field but win in life."

      Winning Life
Ronnie Hoefield /  Business Development Manager
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"The WINNING ACTIONS Program should be a top priority for any athlete looking to advance not only in their particular skill set, but in everyday life as well. Using techniques learned during the program such as visualization and acting with intention has helped me be successful since my competitive wrestling days have ended from beginning to college to where I am now professionally. Dr. Melito is a true professional in the art of mental training, and I am lucky to have participation in the WINNING ACTIONS system.  
Robert Lobrano /  Assistant Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach
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"Dr. Melito was a key piece to the puzzle in elevating my athletic performance in high school football to levels beyond my expectations. The confidence I gained at my position and the personal achievements I ended up reaching, completely changed my understanding of the journey athletes can undertake to go beyond what they think is possible and the psychology that happens within that process. Now, as an assistant collegiate strength & conditioning coach, I am imparting these same concepts to the athletes I oversee and also continue to practice these strategies for myself to improve my coaching game and reach my goals in this role."
JC Younger /  Master's in Counseling
Nicholas Franco, CFP / Financial Advisor
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"I starting working with Dr. Melito while racing high school cross country and track. The WINNING ACTIONS mental training system bridged the gap between physical ability and psychological awareness. Dr. Melito’s program established a personal routine for controlling my emotions in stressful conditions. I have found over the years that I continue revisiting this routine outside of just physical competition. I’ve spent the past 7 years building a book of business as a Certified Financial Planner in Baton Rouge, LA. I found myself going through the same mental preparation routine while sitting for licensing exams, competing for new business, and having uncomfortable but necessary conversations with clients. The WINNING ACTIONS program has provided universal value applicable to all aspects of my life."
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