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     Cross Country & Track


      Winning Life
"As my senior season of cross country approached, I had already battled with multiple injuries that kept me from reaching my full potential in previous seasons. I had one more year to leave my mark on Brother Martin's cross country program and achieve my goals. Physically I was ready, but mentally I knew I had to make a change. Winning Actions gave me the tools I needed to not only become a better runner, but a better person as well. If it was not for Dr. Melito, I would have allowed another season to go down the drain. Dr. Melito's use of hypnosis helped me to let go of my past failures and focus on the present. My athletic ability was immediately enhanced once my mind and body started working together in harmony thanks to the hypnosis. I learned to start a pre-race mental routine which in turn helped my body to perform at the best possible level it could for any given day. Early in the season, Dr. Melito brought me through a deep imagery. The next race, I bested my three mile time by 43 seconds and finished first 
for our varsity team (second overall). I finished out the season making the All-Metro team and placing in the top 4 of two of my postseason races. I was selected as one of The Advocate's Athletes of the Week. I had numerous college coaches contact me about running for their schools next year. I strongly believe that Winning Actions has been a driving force behind my achievements this season. I highly encourage any athlete looking to improve their game to start training with Dr. Melito. The experience is worth every second and the success is irreplaceable."
"Champions become champions by crossing the boundaries set for average athletes. Winning Actions has given me the adequate tools necessary to cross these boundaries. This program focuses on the mental aspect of sports, which is most often over-looked. Through practice comes perfection, and through perfection comes success. After this program my performances were outstanding, my confidence was irreplaceable, and my success was that of a champion."
"Perfection comes with dedication and practice. This phrase applies not only to the physical aspect of a sport, but the mental aspect as well. An athlete needs to be able to focus and be prepared mentally in order to perform well. If you surrender and immerse yourself in the Winning Actions system, you will go beyond achieveing the goal you set out for yourself. After I began using the program for Cross Country and Track, I could see the changes in my performance. I had more self-confidence and determination to succeed."
"The Winning Actions program has brought my running performance to the next level. With the mental training I learned from Coach Melito, I have more of a sense of focus and balance in my running that I ever had before. I am running at my optimal level of performance more often than not. When I do have problems I find it much easier to overcome these obstacles. Thanks to Winning Actions I have learned the skills that will benefit me for the rest of my running career."
"I've long believed that to truly succeed in athletics – to truly reach your potential – you have to take full advantage of both your physical and mental capabilities. Sport is 100% mental and 100% physical, and not any other combination of those percentages will allow an athlete to realize his or her full potential. With Winning Actions, my athletes have been given a vehicle to help fulfill their potential through mental training. Winning Actions is the perfect complement to my athletes' physical training."
"When I began the Winning Actions program, I felt that I knew everything I needed to know about racing.  I was wrong.  The program helped me realize that my mind has the ability to control a race.  I have discovered that losing focus not only disrupts thinking, but also causes the whole body to become unbalanced.  After working with the system, focusing on the keys of mental training became automatic.  I am now a more efficient racer and feel I have the competitive edge to win".
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