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     Cross Country & Track


      Winning Life

     Garrett Mmahat /  Brother Martin     

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"Throughout my sessions with Doctor Melito, I have learned how to fully be in control of the situations that I am put in. He has taught me how to have a certain calmness throughout my mind and body but also having the same confidence and determination to complete the mission. Doc has allowed me to understand and feel the game like never before. In our sessions, he puts me into a state of mind that allows me to perform above and beyond the expectations of myself. The field is where I feel most comfortable and having the ball in my hands brings a sense of relaxation that I never had before starting with Doc. I am grateful for the tools and assets Doc has given me and I look forward to the growth of our sessions because I know it will bring my skills to levels that will allow me to reach my goals."
"Dr. Melito has helped me improve my mental outlook not only on the game of football, but also on my life. Through Dr. Melito’s sessions, he taught me how to reach and maintain a leadership role, become positive about my performance, and keep my self-esteem despite the outcome of a play or game. I also learned how to calm myself down, relax, and prepare for a game. After going over plays during meditation sessions, I became more relaxed during a game, and developed the confidence of competing and playing to the best of my ability. Dr. Melito’s sessions have definitely helped me improve my game and become a mentally better player. "
"My weekly sessions with Dr. Melito have unveiled an entirely new realm of athletic potential. He has helped reduce anxiety and stress, iron out inconsistencies, eliminate superstitions, and drastically increase my natural confidence. I never imagined myself advancing this far in my athletic career, and I largely attribute that success to Tony's program. Ultimately, Dr. Melito has introduced me to a branch of practical meditation and concentration techniques that can be applied to virtually any individual task and/or routine. I now have the tools to access a deeper state of mental preparedness which I will carry with me through all life's endeavors."
"Coming into my senior season, I had a big task ahead of me. Working with my uncle, Dr. Melito, was the best decision I have made up to this point in my life. He began to train my mind to focus more on the process on and off the field. Through each session, I gained more and more confidence in myself not only as a player, but as a person. As a result of Winning Actions, I was the second leading tackler on the Blue Jay defense along with winning a state championship. Not only is Dr. Melito a great sports therapist but a great person. The skills I have learned in his system will benefit me throughout my entire life."
"Approaching football season every year can be hectic and very overwhelming for me as a football player. The exercises I did with Dr. Melito helped put everything in perspective. Off the field I was able to manage everything with school, personnel and family life, and football by using techniques that Dr. Melito taught me in our sessions. On the field is where Dr. Melito's techniques worked the best for me. During a football game, you can get caught up in all the things going on around you, Dr. Melito showed me how to slow everything down and how to focus my mind on the upcoming play and what I needed to accomplish. With the techniques Dr. Melito showed me I was able to have a great career as a football player and I am very thankful for him showing me how to become a better player not just physically, but mentally."
"I went to Dr. Melito as an athlete desiring more than what I was achieving. I was struggling to achieve my goals, both mentally and physically. Not knowing how to react to adversity and how to deal with success made playing games frustrating for me. I didn’t know where to turn. When I found out about Dr. Melito’s program, I was relieved that I could finally get help. Through mental strengthening exercises, I was able to turn my results around. I was more confident and had more success. I had coaches and teammates notice that something had changed in my game. I told them this mental strengthening program was what turned me in a better direction. Without this program, I’d still be having troubles playing a game that I love. "
"Throughout my time on the football field, I had many setbacks and obstacles to overcome. When we would practice week in and week out for games, everyone had some way of preparing for the game. I would be nervous the day of the game, but after meditating that morning and going through the plays in my head, I had become more confident. I could visualize how I would beat my opponent and how hard I would work to get to the quarterback. It also made me remember the plays and made me calm before the game, because I had already gone over everything in my head. The visualization sessions, led by Dr. Melito, has helped me through a lot of games and challenges I have faced."
"My high school football success can be attributed greatly to my mental perspective of the game. As a new player on defense during the offseason I was not only very nervous but I also complicated certain situations in my mind. I knew that if I did not focus and play my best I would not be a starter for long. Dr. Melito helped me to overcome these nerves, relax, and eventually succeed. In other words, I had the physical strength and the mental strength but Dr. Melito gave me the confidence to bring it all together. As a defense we met every morning on game day with Dr. Melito to meditate and 
visualize each play that we had to defend. This meditation allowed me to slow the game down in my mind and make every play that was available to me. Meditating benefited the entire defense. We became closer and also had faith in each other that we would each take care of our individual assignments. Even though I was injured half way through the season Dr. Melito’s lessons and meditations will always stick with me. I know now in life I will not let nerves cause me to miss out on success when certain opportunities present themselves."
"As I was approaching my senior season as a placekicker/punter at Millsaps College, I wanted to put myself ahead of my competition. With this goal, I reached out to Coach Tony Melito for his guidance and expertise concerning the mental part of my game. Working with Coach Melito on a weekly basis not only built up personal confidence, but it provided me with mental strategies to overcome pressure situations. As I continue to pursue kicking at the next level, Coach Melito and I will continue working together. I recommend Coach Melito to anyone, at any level, who is looking to find that winning edge."
"While playing football for Brother Martin, I had anger issues and sometimes let my emotions get the best of me. This hurt my performance on the field and eventually led to more frustration. These problems quickly faded as I began to work with Coach Melito. We worked on techniques that targeted my emotional issues.  I learned how to center myself and refocus in pressure situations so I could perform at my best when the game was on the line. I saw a real difference in my performance and attitude after I worked with Coach Melito. The mental training program not only prepared me for football, but for my life ahead. I've learned that the skills I acquired through mental training have helped me in school and will benefit me in college and in my future professional career."
"Working and preparing with Dr. Melito really helped me get my mental game down for my football games. He put me in a state a relaxation, which led into visualization. I could see and feel what was going to happen on the field, before I played a game. Winning Actions gave me the edge by seeing how plays would develop and end up.  My mind was trained to see the plays perfectly and how a defense was going to react. Also, Dr. Melito put me in the right state of mind to deal with game situations. Winning Actions does work. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Melito. I can guarantee that Winning Actions helped me get ready for my football games."
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